Sky Runner: Pedal Powered Airplane By The Korean Air Force Academy

We have heard a lot already about pedal powered vehicle in order to help save the environment from harm with the emission produced by many of the vehicles we have currently. We already have pedal powered car and more. This time, it is an amazing pedal powered airplane developed by the Korean Air Force Academy. This one of a kind aircraft will use human power in order to take off. Hailed as the sky runner, this pedal powered airplane has weight of 40 kilograms and has a 30 meters wingspan. During takeoff and flight, the sky runner has a propeller that will be pedaled. During a test, the sky runner did a successful 150m and 100m flight using the pilot’s green energy.

Good Luck to all the pilots for this aircraft, as they need to pedal in order to generate about 0.3hp in order to stay up in the air for up to 2 kilometers.

Sky Runner

Source: Korean Airforce Academy via Ecofriend


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  1. Great thing. My father built and flew a pedal driven airplane about 30 years ago with his students. They achieved about 1 – 2 meters above ground.

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