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Root Wood Nesting Table Collection Is Made of Stumps Left Behind by Logging Operations

Ready for pre-order, Root Wood Nesting Table Collection is perfect as a pair or individual. These gorgeous accent tables feature beautiful deep grain of salvaged root wood, especially when you have modern and contemporary room décor. The company uses unique techniques that have been perfected over generations, they can transform gnarled stumps of Shan Mu fir trees into this exquisite work of art, thanks to those expert carvers. Once the table’s done, they set atop tapered oak legs. Don’t worry about our environment, this furniture is made of all things left behind by logging operations, just in case you don’t know, the removal of these stumps would help newly planted seedlings in the area for faster growth. So it’s an eco-friendly table collection. [CLICK HERE to get more details of Root Wood Nesting Table Collection]

Bambeco Root Wood Nesting Table Collection

Bambeco Root Wood Nesting Table Collection

Bambeco Root Wood Nesting Table Collection


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