Reusable Snack Pack By Crystal Figlietti

As environmentalist continue to call the attention of all the people who are still using harmful plastic, the Fresh Snack Pack might be one of the answer to their continuous call. The fresh snack pack is a reusable snack bags and made from PVC-free and non-toxic plastic, thus surely it is safe for use as food containers. Aside from being an eco-friendly snack box, the reusable snack pack can also be easily used as your plates by simply unfolding it. With this reusable product, we will already be free from carrying those bulky plastic containers or Tupperware lunch boxes that we have previously.

Reusable Snack Pack

Reusable Snack Pack

Reusable Snack Pack

Reusable Snack Pack

Source: The Reusable Fresh Snack Pack via Cool Hunting


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