Redondo Beach Container House For a Comfortable and Stylish Home

Containers are generally used in transporting products from one place to another, and when the containers are not desirable for used already, it is normally discarded already. Recycling it and creating wonderful and stylish homes is a good strategy to reduce wastes and landfills created by discarded used containers. The Redondo Beach Container House is one of the elegant and stylish homes made out of used containers. This container home cost far cheaper than those home made of first hand construction materials. Modified containers are already treated and made it mold proof, termite proof, fire proof and is structurally superior to wood framing.

Redondo Beach Container House

Redondo Beach Container House

Redondo Beach Container House

Redondo Beach Container House

Source: De Maria Design


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  • In these kind of construction alternative is there a foundation post,beams ant etc. or is the container it self can accommodate all the loads?

  • In France, in the North, a company is also expanding into the production of container houses.
    That is House-Up

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