Recycle Your Water Bottle, Use 321 Water

Bottled water can be bought everywhere and normally people use to throw their used water bottle causing it to add up to mountains of landfills we have. The 321 Water is now here to eliminate the practice of throwing away used water bottle. The 321 Water is reusable water bottle that has a built-in water filter to improve the taste of tap water. Thus, it reduces the need of mass consumption for bottled water and eventually reduces waste, fossil fuel usage and CO2 emission during the production and transportation of the bottles. The 321 Water is still a prototype, but I will definitely own one if this will be available in the market already.

321 Water

321 Water

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2 thoughts on “Recycle Your Water Bottle, Use 321 Water”

  1. Hey I wanna know where can I buy one of these?
    I just saw it on new inventors and I think its a brilliant Idea and now I’m determined to get one, Im not really a bottled water drinker but I need to drink more water and I think this is a great way of doing it.

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