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Raindrop Mini: Lets You Save On Your Water Usage

We have heard news about water scarcity from all around the globe. However, if we are just proactive enough of thinking ways to have enough water, I am sure enough that there will be no chance of water scarcity. The Raindrop Mini is just a few of the tool that will help us remind the usefulness of rainwater. The raindrop mini is a watering can that is designed for your balcony use and mini gardens at home. The Raindrop Mini will be integrated into your waterspout and collects rainwater automatically. In this way, you will be watering your garden without the need to turn your tap on. Aside from its eco-function, this mini version of the Raindrop is made of recyclable PE or Polyethylene. The Raindrop mini also comes in different colors. Therefore, users will definitely have the chance to choose the color that will match flawlessly with his or her landscape.

Raindrop Mini

Raindrop Mini

Raindrop Mini

Raindrop Mini

Raindrop Mini

Source: Studio Bas van der Veer

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  1. Hello, can you talk about ease of installation for this product?
    How difficult is it to install?
    Also, where can we go to purchase this?

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