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Plywood Christmas Tree By Raow

Celebrating Christmas tree eco-friendly way is now not impossible at all with the plywood Christmas tree by Raow. In replacement for plastic Christmas trees that are obviously not environment friendly at all, the plywood Christmas tree can be flat-packed for easy storage and can be re-used for the next Christmas season.

Plywood flat-pack Christmas trees designed by Raow. To be an environmentally friendly replacement for plastic Christmas trees. Available in two sizes, the plywood Christmas tree comes in small at 600mm high and the medium at 1200mm high. The Christmas trees are cut by a CNC machine and are configured of three fins that interlock together to create the form of the Christmas tree. The Christmas trees are based on the silhouette of a tree that has been deconstructed and reconstructed with cut plywood strips of varied lengths pined together with beech doweling pins to form the tree figure.

Plywood Christmas Tree

Plywood Christmas Tree

Source: Raow via Homedosh


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