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Parachute Tote: An Eco-friendly Stylish Tote Bag

Do you want to e fashionably hip and trendy while helping in saving the environment, then you definitely would love to patronize the Parachute Tote. Made from a re-purpose parachutes issued to the World War II military, the Parachute Tote is lightweight and is collapsible into a small item where users like you can easily have it inserted in a pocket. The bag has two large compartments for your books and is secured by Velcro strips for closure. It also has one small inner pocket for your small items like keys and the like. Since it is collapsible, you can easily have it anywhere anytime and put your purchased items, thus allowing you to not use those plastic shopping bags that are obviously a threat to the environment.

Parachute Tote

Parachute Tote

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  1. This bag is looking really very nice and I’m willing to get this bag for my cousin. I hope she may be like it. Thanks

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