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Ornj Shoulder Bag : Made From Recycled Construction Fencing

Beautiful and interesting designs are not always made of first hand materials. The Ornj Shoulder Bag is a stylish bag made from recycled construction fencing and is a great example of great designs from recycled materials. Through this kind of product, adding trashes to our landfills will be dramatically minimized if not eliminated. Aside from being economical, the Ornj Bag is presumably sturdy enough for daily use. With the Ornj bag, ladies can be fashionably trendy while keeping the environment safe in their own little ways. If all of us will patronize products as the Ornj Shoulder Bag, the world can be saved from harm that global warming brings.

Ornj Bag

Ornj Bag

Ornj Bag

Ornj Bag

Ornj Bag

Source : David Shocks Designs via Incredible Things

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