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One-Minute Washing Machine from Electrolux

Doing a laundry is tiring that is why we do it with a washing machine instead of by hands. Normally for a regular load of laundry, it takes around an hour or two to do it. However, with the new 1-minute washing machine from Electrolux you can already do it fast as the name suggests. In addition, it does not requires any soap to clean your clothes, and it will be a sure hit for moms and dads who wanted to save money. It will not only let you save money from soap but with 1 minute process, it is a big savings of electricity.

1-minute washing machine

1-minute washing machine

1-minute washing machine

via DesignBoom via ecofriend


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3 thoughts on “One-Minute Washing Machine from Electrolux”

  1. The theoy of operation appears to only accept 1 piece of clothing at a time. If this is tru, then I have to stand there and load each item 1 at a time, so my standard load of laundry; appx 3 prs pants, 5 top shirts, 5 t-shirts, 5 prs underwear, 5 prs sox which I normally toss in the washer and they are ready for the dryer in 20 minutes, dry in 30 more…now I must stand at the machine loading each item 1 at a time and catching them as they come out the bottom – 23 minutes later (if i counted my own example correctly) I’m done, a savings of roughly 27 minutes, but I have gotten nothing else done during that time. With my present washer, I spent the 50 minutes while they wash & dry doing other household chores. I think I would quickly tire of loading laundry in the top 1 item at a time-it would seem novel at first, but a pain the butt after awhile.

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