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Know Your Electricity Usage With Philips Eco Indicator

We all want a good amount of savings when it comes to our electricity bill. However, only a few of us have the right knowledge on how one can reduce electricity usage and maintain a good level of it. The Philips Eco Indicator will surely be an answer to those who lacks enough discipline in keeping their electricity usage at a moderate mode. This indicator will help users know the amount energy used by a certain appliance they have by simply attaching the Philips Eco Indicator to that particular appliance. The eco-benefit of this indicator does not end in knowing the energy usage and keep it at a minimum level. It is also made of biodegradable and recyclable material and requires no battery to operate.

Philips Eco Indicator
Philips Eco Indicator

Philips Eco Indicator
Philips Eco Indicator
Philips Eco Indicator

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