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Kiran Solar Lantern By D.Light

Everybody will definitely be happy with the creation of the Kiran Solar Lantern by D.Light that is going to be available in the market soon. Designed specifically for families living in developing countries that do not have a reliable supply of electricity, the Kiran Solar Lantern has the ability to supply 8 hours of light after a whole day of charging under the sun. With the very low price of $10, the Kiran is a true affordable lighting system with tough features like being durable and weather resistant. Kiran’s designer D.Light is hoping that this solar lantern will soon replace the use of kerosene lanterns. [Clik here to get more information about Kiran Solar Lantern]

Kiran Lantern

Kiran Lantern

Kiran Lantern

Kiran Lantern

Source: D.Light via Desginboom


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11 thoughts on “Kiran Solar Lantern By D.Light”

  1. the solar lantern is a must buy for every household in rural africa and more so here in Kenya.this innovative lantern will enable school children do their homework very well.thanks to the inventor.

  2. Excellent Product.
    I am very much interested to buy Kiran Solar Lanterns immediately. by return mail kindly intimate me the name of Kiran Agents in Kolkata, India. Also please inform me about other Kiran Solar Products.

    With Regards,
    Subhasish Chakraborty
    Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd.
    (A Govt. of India Enterprise)
    8 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Sarani
    Kolkata-700 001, India
    Wired Phone: (033) 22428210 / 8550 Extn: 220
    Hand Phone : 98741 84331

  3. It is an excellent product and I am eager to have one for my use. Kindly let me know the distributor in Bangalore/ shimoga or any where in Karnataka.

  4. why are we forgetting that…. Indyan politicans NOT providing basic necessity like electricity to villages…..

    rather we are getting excited of some invention….

  5. This is a fantastic product and I would like to buy them in Orissa. Can you please let me know where they are available. I need them ASAP seeing the great benifits that it has.

  6. Is there a distributor to Kiran solar lanterns in Nairobi, Kenya ? Is the lantern available in retail ?

  7. I live in indonesia and I like to purchase this product . Please provide me on How or where I can buy it.
    Thank you.

  8. Want to import this product for the people of Nepal and market it in bulk. How I can source this product???????

  9. hi,

    I want to buy this product. Please provide me information about dealer in jharkhand state

  10. don believe the words of mr vijay kumar. itys a fraud. they are cheating. i have been cheated. i placed an order on 28.12.11 but still no news. whenever u contact they keep phone saying that call later we are in meeting.

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