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Ice Melters: Melts Ice Snow While Keeping The Environment Safe

During winter, it is a struggle for residents in cold areas shoveling the thick snow in their yards and de-ices their driveways. It is a common practice to use rock salt to melt ice in sidewalks and driveways. However, over use of their rock salt creates harmful effects to the environment. Various studies have shown that rock salt has the ability to corrode concrete and asphalt. In addition, rock salts can damage plants. In fact, my dad uses it when we need to weed out some grass on our backyard. The damage caused by rock salt does not end there. Rock salt also stuck in your pet dog’s paws and eventually burn their skin. To free the environment and our pets free from these harmful effects, one can opt to choose numerous organic ice melters available like Safe Paw, biodegradable Cat litter, sand, and other household items. These rock salt alternatives have price ranges from $10-$15.

Eco ice melters

Eco ice melters

Eco ice melters

Source: Safe Paw via DIY Life


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