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Hypae Lamp: An Eco-lamp Using LED Lighting Technology

LED lighting technology is known to be an energy efficient lighting system one can use for both home and office use. The Pinecone is made of birch plywood and thus would decompose easily when the lamp’s life comes to an end. Therefore, it won’t cause for a massive growth of landfills and thus won’t do harm to the environment. However, the designer of the Hypae lamp does not mention if he uses eco-friendly lamp like LED and the like. Well, let us all hope that he does. In addition, the lamp has an excellent design, as it mimics the pinecone, making it a perfect addition to your home’s interior design aside from the stylish illumination it can give.

Hypae Lamp
Hypae Lamp

Hypae Lamp
Hypae Lamp
Hypae Lamp

Source: Nervous System via HomeDosh

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