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Hy-Bird Solar Hydrogen Plane

Enthusiastic about saving nature from all hazards and on the other hand you can’t go without using the latest technology which damages the nature to some extent. The solar-hydrogen plane is here for the rescue. This plane by Lisa planes is a light weight model made of light carbon fibers. Its main power source is lithium-polymer batteries. The total weight of the plane is just 1.1 tons. This plane is expected to be ready and move around all over the world by next year.

Coming to the structure of the plane, it has 20 meter long wings accompanied by solar photovoltaic which will contribute 10 % towards of the source energy. It’s quite stylish and eco friendly and has everything to give you a luxurious ride. Finding an alternate for the present mode of traveling was difficult but fortunately the solar-hydrogen plane has been made to make earth a better place to live in. the 20 meter long wings may look odd and give a critic a chance to speak against the plane, but this plane has everything to answer the critic. Long wings are not just to make it stylish but also they provide as an energy source to the plane. Overall it’s a good plane if we can see it fly for real !

hy-bird solar hydrogen plane

hy-bird solar plane

Source : LisaAirplanes via Inhabitat


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