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Hawaiian Real Coconut Purse Handbag Is Eco-friendly And Stylish

If you care to save the environment and minimize waste and the growth of our landfills, you surely would love to own a piece of two of Hawaiian Real Coconut Purse Handbag. True to its name, the handbag is made or real coconut skull. Because the purse handbag only uses the coconut skull, surely the meat and water already have served its purpose. Coconut skulls are mostly discarded. However sometimes, these are also used to create charcoal, which are used in lieu of firewood for cooking in some Asian countries.

Hawaiian Real Coconut Purse Handbag

Hawaiian Real Coconut Purse Handbag

However, why settle for that black ugly looking being when you can give the coconut skull a new, beautiful and exciting look through this lovely and summery looking purse handbag? The purse handbag is about 4 to 5 inches in diameter and has a zipper for you to close and open the purse. The purse handbag has the floral accent that adds up to its beauty and uniqueness. Completing the summer, Hawaiian look of the purse handbag are Hawaiian coconut beads that fill the bag’s handles. Those of you who are into saving the environment in a stylish, beautiful and unique way, owning a Hawaiian Real Coconut Purse Handbag will surely go a long way. [Click here for more information about this lovely Hawaiian Real Coconut Purse Handbag]


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