Growing Plants Gone Easy With Tao Tronics E27 Led Grow Light

With today’s modern technology and the growing need for a healthy food, growing our own plants can be our safest option and it will become more possible if we have Tao Tronics E27 Led Grow Light at home. This tool can help us grow plants even if too often, Mr. Sun refuses to come out. This is a good tool to own for those living in areas with less sunshine. Available from TaoTronics, this hydroponic led grow light comes with 12 LEDs composing of 3 blue and 9 reds. Despite having 12 lights to grow your plants, you need not to worry about your electricity bill because they are all LED, thus consumes less electricity than the normal light bulbs.

Tao Tronics E27 Led Grow Light
Tao Tronics E27 Led Grow Light

Other than saving money on your monthly electricity bill, these grow bulbs are also designed to last longer, thus saving you money from new purchases. These bulbs also do not generate noticeable heat even when operating 17 hours a day, making your room at its perfect temperature.

How it Works:

  • The bulbs emit the wavelength of light, which are then absorbed fully by the plants of your choice photosynthesis.
  • Maximum chlorophyll A and B production are achieved with the help of 660 and 430nm:630 and 460nm that are 4 peaks of growth spectrum respectively.
  • The red bulbs help in the photosynthesis process that makes the plants bloom and produce fruits.
  • The blue bulbs helps in the Chlorophyll and Carotenoid process that helps in promoting leaf.

Using the Tao Tronics E27 Led Grow Light on a daily basis allows you to enjoy a plant with more leaves popping up within 2 weeks. [Click here for more information about the useful and environment friendly Tao Tronics E27 Led Grow Light]

Tao Tronics E27 Led Grow Light
Tao Tronics E27 Led Grow Light
Tao Tronics E27 Led Grow Light


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