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Get Clean Water Starter Pack Provides Clean Water With Care To The Environment

Clean and good tasting water is now getting hard to find but not if you have a Get Clean Water Starter Pack, a water portable water purifier in a pitcher. The pitcher will surely give you safe and great tasting drinking water because it is BPA free, thus a food safe kind of container. With a capacity of 10 cups the pitcher can provide your daily requirement of water. However, it can also serve other members of your house because the pitcher features a water refillable filter housing kit with a filter that has the ability to filter 80 gallons of water.

Enjoy clean and safe drinking water with Get Clean Water Starter Pack as it features a multipatented water filtration system. It uses a solid block of carbon making it capable of filtering and cleaning your water making it safe for drinking. The pitcher is very innovative with its automatic meter showing the number of gallons filters making it easier for you to determine when it is time to change filter. The guessing game on your filter life is now a thing in the past.

Get Clean Water Starter Pack

Aside from giving you clean drinking water without the use of electricity and whatsoever carbon emitting water filtering system, Get Clean Water Starter Pack has another eco-friendly feature that you and other environmentalist will surely love. The pitcher uses only filters made from sustainable material, coconut shell carbon produced using a zero carbon emission process. Other than that, the pitcher is also the first to have the refillable carbon-block filter system, which obviously reduce waste and eventually minimize the growth of landfills. [Click Here to be the first to enjoy the savings, comfort and safety the innovative and eco-friendly pitcher Get Clean Water Starter Pack can bring]


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