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Every Drop Counts By Ulrik Svenningsen

We all know that every drop counts, that is why designer Ulrik Svenningsen has created the Every Drop Counts water meter. Unlike the traditional water meter, the Every Drop Counts meters your water usage, informs you where you particularly used the water, and most importantly, it detects running, dripping, and leaky pipes at a cost that will never lets you run out of money. With this device, water shortage will already be solved out and no country in this world will get thirsty ever again. I just hope that this device will soon be available in all places around the globe so that all of us will have the chance to conserve water at a minimal cost.

Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts

Source: Yanko Design


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  1. Hi

    Can I check is this just a conceptual design or the product is available for sale? I stay in Singapore and would want to purhcase one of this for trial. Thanks.



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