Ecocoon: A Reverse Hearing

When we say hearing aid, it will allow people with hearing deficiency to hear the noise and sound surrounding him or her. However, the Ecocoon do the reverse.



From Design Affairs Studio:
Information processes in nowadays society are accelerating more and more. The desire to quickly withdraw from this continuously flowing stream and relax for a short while is becoming ever stronger. Today people are expected to be available permanently. Therefore many would like to consciously step out of the stream of information at certain times.

Overstimulation in public space can nevertheless be contained: our concept to do that is called ecocoon. Incoming acoustic stimuli are eliminated on purpose while signals of the body will be emphasized, if desired. By choice, high, middle or low frequencies may be filtered out of the environmental noise. The user might even completely shut off all background noise: in this mode ecocoon makes audible to the bearer his own pulse and breathing. Focus is led from the outside to the inside. Successively slowed down respiration and pulse-beating make it possible to calm down and temporarily retreat into a kind of virtual cocoon to be “offline” for a while.

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Source: Design Affairs Studio


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