Eco-Friendly OrganiCann Marijuana: Made Marijuana A Tool For Saving The Environment

Marijuana is illegal in some countries particularly in the Eastern part of Asia. However, in some countries, Marijuana is hailed as one of the effective natural medicine and now comes in an eco-friendly packaging through OrganiCann’s Compostable Packaging. The packaging is designed for the users to have it compost in his or her own backyard. In this way, landfills will no longer be filled with discarded product packaging, which is obviously not favorable to the environment. With the OrganiCann’s eco-friendly packaging for Marijuana, landfills will be dramatically minimized. In addition, using OrganiCann will not only relieve you from pain but also will allow you to help save the environment.


Source: OrganiCann via Packaging of the World


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2 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly OrganiCann Marijuana: Made Marijuana A Tool For Saving The Environment”

  1. The comments made by Frank (Organicann's cash-bloated owner) are obviously false, and seem staged as to appear "green"; 'sustainably' growing cannabis indoors cannot be done, as per the description of the word "sustainable." The cannabis grown by the company for patient consumption has always been fertilized with non-organic fertilizers (the FloraNova series), so they fail here too, in providing their patients with accurate information. Always willing to take advantage of others through the manipulation of phrases and sound-bites, Frank is trying to create an image she simply does not have, and by definition cannot create. And that speaks volumes about what she really thinks about her customers intelligence; my apologies to everybody that has been taken for a ride on somebody else's ego-trip.

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