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Eco-Friendly Bilge Lounge by the Uhuru Team

Recycling those reclaimed bourbon barrel staves and used tracking springs has made the Uhuru Team create the Bilge Lounge. This ergonomically designed lounge is perfect for relaxing indoor or outdoor. Recycling materials really helps a lot in keeping the landfill grow. In this way, we will not only help keep our mother nature safe, we also have created wonderful, useful and creative products such as the Bilge Lounge. The making of the Bilge Lounge includes the dismantling of the barrels into an individual pieces, to assembling the lounge while keeping the natural colors of the aged wood from the original barrels, thus make the Bilge Lounge not only eco-friendly but also an cost-effective one.

Bilge Lounge

Bilge Lounge

Bilge Lounge

Source: Uhuru


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