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E-Up: An Eco Friendly Car Concept from Volkswagen

Electric vehicles are now getting widely used especially to countries who are working hard to save the environment and their people. Joining with them are numerous carmakers that do not stop in designing concept cars that will keep the environment clean and green. One of them is the German carmaker Volkswagen that recently design the E-Up! This electric powered car has a compact design that made the car obtain the sleek and fancy look. Aside from the lithium battery, E-Up! also has a 1.4 square meter solar panel installed on the roof for power support. If you like this is not enough, simply flip down the solar cell covered sun visors and you will immediately have a 1.7 meters of additional solar power. This 3+1 seater concept car from Volkswagen will be presented at the Frankfurt auto show that will run from September 17 to 27. Its electric motor has a peak power output of 60kW and weighs 1,085 kilograms.

E-Up! Electric Concept Car

E-Up! Electric Concept Car

E-Up! Electric Concept Car

via Designboom and Autoblog


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2 thoughts on “E-Up: An Eco Friendly Car Concept from Volkswagen”

  1. Actually if we consider environment pollution as a concern Carbon dioxide by Vehicle is a major part to consider so now countries those who are more concern about environment pollution are trying to use electrical vehicles to reduce the effect of environment pollution.

  2. These type of concept are very useful for the people, now a days the air polluted by the emission of the car. When the environment polluted then there are many type of things created and that affect the people, so these type of car concept are very useful and it also save the environment.

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