Domino Coffee Table: A Sustainable Home Furniture

Made from sustainable birch hardwood ply, the domino table by designer Chris Pritchard is of no doubt and eco-friendly one. It has a tabletop of tampered glass and has a triple gloss topcoat making the domino coffee table an elegant furniture perfect in your contemporary homes. In addition, this eco-friendly coffee table is also made by hand, thus is consumes no energy and produces no carbon emission that harms the environment. The domino table’s price of $1,400 can be a bit high, but if you are an eco-friendly individual and loves modern designs, you will definitely grab one. In this way, you will not only save the earth but also will enjoy the beautiful design of the domino table.

Domino Coffee Table

Source: Ecofriend


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1 thought on “Domino Coffee Table: A Sustainable Home Furniture”

  1. Although the price tag might seem a bit ambitious, when you consider the fact that it’s made completely by hand, and to spec, from sustainable local hardwood, it’s completely within reason. In fact, in an area where many ‘green’ designer companies are taking undue advantage, SIDD seems to have both feet on the ground.

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