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Dino 41 Frame Is A Sustainable Prototype For Your Spectacles

Wearing fashionable and at the same sustainable eyeglasses will be an easy breezy thing to do when the Dino 41 frame prototype for your spectacles will be in production.

Dino 41 Frame
Dino 41 Frame

This innovative product from ROLF spectacles is made of wood and embellished with stone creating a unique and fashionable look to the product. Being a product made of wood, there will be less carbon emission when talking about materials. After the spectacle’s useful life, landfill will never be a problem because we all know that wood is a biodegradable material. Wearing this spectacle will surely make you feel like being fashionable while caring for the environment. The moment the Dino 41 frame will come into fruition; this will be another successful addition to the sustainable frame collection from ROLF.
Dino 41 Frame
Dino 41 Frame
Dino 41 Frame

Source: ROLF via Stilsucht

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