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Cow Nipples Dress: Repulsive Or Recycled?

People have mix say about the Cow Nipples Dress by Rachel Freire. Since it is made of cow nipples, animal activist as well as the British parliament find it disturbing and repulsive.

Cow Nipples Dress
Cow Nipples Dress

However, as Freire voice out her side, he told the people that the cow’s nipples are supposed to be discarded, thus destined to be in landfills. However, tanneries, find the time to bring the nipples to here for possible recycling, which eventually led her to design the cow nipples dress made of 3,000 cow nipples. If this is the case, I guess, people have nothing to worry about instead, they should be happy enough to hear that landfills will be reduced drastically with the creation of the cow nipples dress.

Cow Nipples Dress

Source: Rachel Freire via TreeHugger


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