Cougar : Green Bus Concept for The Future

Gabriel Wartofsky is now designing a green bus concept, and it is expected to be seen hitting the busy streets soon. The outer part of the bus breaks down atmospheric ozone into oxygen, thus cleaning the surrounding air, and the shell is made from composites. Lithium ion batteries power the bus’ electric motors, it also has ultra capacitors quick-charged at each bus stop and a small IC generator is also included for long-distance and emergency trips, and roof-mounted solar cells provide some energy for the illumination and climate control system of the bus. This is truly and eco-friendly creation and I can’t wait to see it hits the road.

cougar eco friendly bus

cougar eco friendly bus

cougar eco friendly bus

cougar eco friendly bus

cougar eco friendly bus

cougar eco friendly bus

From : BusOfTheFuture


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  • Actually, there were three separate proposals for the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus competition. Gabriel Wartofsky was the author of the double decker concept, Mike Peterson was the author of the sliding section bus concept, and I was the author of the Cougar Concept.

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