Coconut Palm Bowls: Stylish And Eco-friendly

We all know that the coconut, like bamboo has various uses. Each part of the tree has its own use just like the Coconut Palm Bowls that are made of coconut shell. After the meat and milk of the coconut fruit has been used, the shell remains and used to be treated as a waste by-products. Some people have it recycled and made into a useful charcoal used as fuel for cooking purposes in other countries. However, Bambu give a new colorful life to these coconut shell by recycling it and turned into a useful bowl. The shells are then cleaned thoroughly, finished with a food safe PU lacquer and accentuated with bright colors.

Coconut Palm Bowls

Coconut Palm Bowls

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  1. This is a good product! Can you share with me on how to do coconut palm bowl…I am very much interested…Thanks and good job!

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