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Chopstick And Steamer Stool: An Eco Furniture For Your Home

The use of a bamboo steamer and a disposable chopstick is a tradition to Chinese people. Designers Jason Dembski and Ryan Horsman has created an eco furniture that can be perfect for your home using the thousands of used chopsticks and a discarded bamboo steamer. They have created the Chopstick and Steamer stool using six bamboo steamers piled up vertically and thousands of chopstick. Working as the intermediary is a soft cushion that can be from foam, which is the ideal one to falling rickshaw, to a pile of rags. When everyone doing this act, everybody can have a creative stool without spending too much and the pile of landfills will be reduced as well.

Chopstick and Steamer Stool

Chopstick and Steamer Stool

Chopstick and Steamer Stool

Source: Jason Dembski


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