Chikuno Cube: A Natural Bamboo Air Freshener

Bamboo is known to be a multi-purpose plant and an eco-friendly material. I am sure you have already heard about various furniture made of bamboo, plates that are made of bamboo, kitchen utensils, and more. However, and air freshener made from bamboo charcoal for sure is something new to you. It is new to me either. The air freshener that I am talking about is the Chikuno Cube. Bamboo charcoal has the ability to absorb odors, and the 2-inch cube has an amazing area surface of four football fields. In addition, the chikuno cube works ingeniously in your refrigerators making your fridges fresh and odorless all the time without the need to harm the environment.

Chikuno Cube

Chikuno Cube

Source: Delight


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