Recycle Science

Recycled Electronic Parts Used To Form A Robot

Old or non-functional electronics and its parts are normally discarded and destined to be on our landfills, which is obviously not a good practice for the environment. However, this will never be the issue anymore with the eco-friendly robot invention of Andrea Petrachi aka Himatic. If you were to look at the photos of the …

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Architecture Design and Concept Recycle Science Solar Energy

Greening Star: A Structure That Answer Numerous Environmental Problems

With the growing concern for the environment, more and more designers are creating architectural designs to help make saving the environment easier. Hailed as the Greening Star, this architectural design by Juan Manuel Bustos the Greening Star has the ability to aid problems in energy, pollution, and water sources. The designer uses solar panels that …

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Sol-air By Clarisse Paula Fernando

University of Santo Tomas in Manila Philippines Industrial design student Clarisse Paula Fernando has designed the Sol-air, a mini windmill that has the ability to power a glow in the dark night light and a digital alarm clock attached to it. However, in case the windmill was not able to collect wind energy, it also …

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Architecture Recycle Science Solar Energy

The Idea House By Broadway Malyan

Designed for Sime Darby Property, the Idea House is South East Asia’s first carbon zero residence. The Idea House has prefabricated modules that save up the construction cost and speed up the process at the same time. The modules also allow easy deconstruction at the end of the house’s useful life.Aside from being pre-fabricated, the …

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Design and Concept Misc Science

Water Ahead By Matthias Rauch

When calamity happens, affected people suffer from shortage of clean and safe drinking water always. In this regard, designer Matthias Rauch has created the Water Ahead that has the ability to turn floodwater into a fresh and clean drinking water, thus reduce the need for the rescuers to supply clean bottled water, and thus further, …

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