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Battersea Power Station with Solar Driven Natural Ventilation System

Architect Rafael Viñoly has designed the Battersea Power station that will lessen the need of air-conditioning due to its solar driven natural ventilation system. This power station is the most advanced sustainable development ever to b built in London. Through the use of natural ventilation of the building, this will going to be the cleanest and greenest building in London. This 300-meter high Chimney and Eco-dome will drastically reduce carbon emissions. In addition to that, the chimney will house an apartment with panoramic view over London. This power station will provide up to 20,000 jobs for almost 7,000 resident of it, which made it a great place to live in the future.

Rafael Vinoly said:

“Centered on the reconstruction of the remarkable architectural presence of the Power Station, the design introduces a fluid geometry for the new residential buildings that helps guide public access to the site and the waterfront. The open character of the vast industrial naves designed by Gilbert Scott is maintained and the chimneys are brought back into operation, utilized to exhaust water vapour produced by a new biofuel energy plant located in the basement. “Offset from the volume of the Power Station, a near transparent shaft counterpoints the monumental mass of the building, providing a naturally ventilated office complex. A transparent envelope accommodating a distinctive public space, with access to a new underground station, connects to an adjacent residential component. “The visual presence of this near transparent marker on the skyline defines a new opportunity area signalling London’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

battersea power station

battersea power station

Designer : Rafael Vinoli Architects via WorldArchitectureNews


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