Alphabet Pillows By Hilary Cosgrove

Clothing fashion trends end and clothes are destined to be junked or thrown away. However, things are now different when Hilary Cosgrove started to sew some stylish Alphabet Pillows. These wonderful and educational pillows are made from old and recycled jackets. Some of the pillows still have the buttons in it while some have the pockets still in-tacked. Hilary is capable of sewing all the letters and so buyers can choose or collect the letters that they like. They can have a spelling of their names or have the English alphabet complete for their kids’ educational purposes. This product has a very cool and eco-friendly approach.

Alphabet Pillows

Alphabet Pillows

Alphabet Pillows

Alphabet Pillows

Source: Hilary Cosgrove


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1 thought on “Alphabet Pillows By Hilary Cosgrove”

  1. I’ve seen Hilary’s other work and am always impressed. These new additions are fantastic! I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with!

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