W101: The First Paper Table Lamp

When we say table lamp, most them are made from metal, wood, or any other hard materials. However, with the environment restoration in mind, designers Claesson Koivisto Rune created the W101, a table lamp made of paper. With the materials used for the lamp, the W101 is hailed to be the pioneer in being the table lamp made of paper. The material used for the lamp is a DuraPulp, a 100% biodegradable composite that is made from paper pulp and organic plastics. Aside from being durable, reliable, and eco-friendly, the W101 table lamp also has the elegant look that will adds up to the style and elegance of your room while providing the warm and eco-friendly illumination that you need.

W101 Table Lamp

W101 Table Lamp

W101 Table Lamp

W101 Table Lamp

Source: Abitare


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  • may i know,how to make the pulp become hard? what are the materials added on the pulp to make it hard?

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