The Wood Music: An Eco-friendly Speaker

Everybody love music and wanted to hear it loud and clear that is why we normally install a loud speaker to our music players like the iPod, mp3 players and more. Listening our favorite songs in an eco-friendly way using the wood music is a new approach to the music listening experience. It is a loud speaker from presumably salvaged timber, designed with a dock, holes to produce sound and buttons for the speaker’s function. The wood music has a very simple design yet very unique and inviting especially to those music lovers who have the desire to help save the environment.

Wood Music

Source: Minimazine


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  • Can you please have a real judgment and make the difference between ecological projects and ecological oportunities…
    There is no ecofriendly product here…

  • Well theoreically this is an eco friendly product due to the fact there is probably an 80% reduction in the ammount of plastics used compared to a standerd i-pod doc.

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