The Passing Cloud Is An Innovative Floating Device

Traveling without the need of electricity or gas can soon be possible if the Passing Cloud will come into fruition. The passing cloud is a floating device that will travel with the help of the wind.

Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud

It is made of spherical balloons that mimic the looks of a cloud. Inside the balloons are stainless steel structure covered with tensile nylon fabric. The Passing Cloud moves with the wind, giving its passengers the feelings of being on the clouds floating freely for how long, nobody knows. The passing cloud is a project submitted for the “Life at the Speed of Rail” competition.

Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud
Passing Cloud

Source: Tiago Barros


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  • People standing on the balloon structures with little to no railing? Sounds like a recipe for a couple of child deaths and an acrophobe's life scarring memory.

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