The Hakutan Coal Air Purifier: Cleans Air Without The Chemicals

With the vast growth of air pollutants, and eco-friendly product that has been used for generations in Asia is made available at Design Within Reach. The Hakutan Coal Air Purifier is a white coal that purifies air by absorbing kitchen odors and it regulates humidity in your bathroom as well. One greater thing that the Hakutan Coal Air Purifier can do is its ability to reduce harmful effects of electromagnetic waves produced by computers, because the Hakutan can create natural anions. Made in Korea, this one of a kind air purifier is also recyclable as it can be crushed and mix with soil for your plants after is useful life.

Hakutan Air Purifier

Hakutan Air Purifier

Hakutan Air Purifier

Hakutan Air Purifier

From: Design Within Reach


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