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Swing State: An Eco-friendly Swing Made Of Recycle Material

Swinging while enjoying the summer breeze is fun, as you feel the clean air, the green lushes of grasses and trees and a lot more that nature can give. However, with the harsh treatment that people to the environment, they are now destroyed and were not able to produce those clean air that we need. Good thing we have lots of environmentalist today that aims to restore and help save the environment by doing good deeds to protect the earth and preserve its goodness. Recycling and using sustainable sources of materials and energy are just a few of the steps made. The Swing State, is just a few of the end products for the said purpose. Made from retired wine barrel, the Swing State is also handmade, thus produces zero carbon emission during production. This one of a kind swing can be hang from a porch or a tree, as this is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use because this swing is weather resistant.

Swing State

Source: Uncommon Goods

Smush Can : Self-Powered Trash Compactor

We have heard a lot already about eco-friendly trash compactor like the solar powered one. This time around, we have another eco-friendly trash compactor. Hailed as the Smush Can, this eco-friendly trash compactor is a self-powered one. Forget about smashing your trash with your shoes or hands, for the Smush Can has the lid that compact trash, thus allowing this can to hold twice more garbage than the normal trash can, thus saving every household on garbage bags and thus less trashes to our landfills. In addition, the Smush Can also has an expandable and collapsible lid and is durable, sturdy, and is made of elegant stainless steel.

Smush Can

Source: Uncommon Goods

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