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Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman: An Eco-friendly And Sturdy Furniture

If you are into furniture pieces with natural finish and has less impact to the environment, owning a Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman is ideal. This simple yet clean ottoman is made of white cedar that is insect and weather resistant. What that reason, we at iGreenSpot assume that this ottoman will be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use as it can probably withstand any weather conditions. The ottoman will not only give you a comfortable and functional, stylish ottoman but also it can help you save the environment, as the materials used in making this ottoman are from a renewable resource and byproduct of the long home industry.

Lakeland Mills Cedar Log Ottoman

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Recycled Car Tire Furniture

If you already have heard about numerous furniture made from recycled car tire interior, this recycled car tire furniture must be a new addition to the wonderful products recycled tires can create. Since tires claims to be sturdy, furniture made from it will surely be strong enough to hold on to its promise to give comfort and style to its users. Furniture made from recycled car tires includes a coffee table set that composed of a small round table and stools. Since these items are made of tire, this must be perfect not only for indoor but also for outdoor use.

Recycled Tire Furniture

Recycled Tire Furniture

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