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Human Hair Necklace: An Award Winning Sustainable Jewelry Design

When an oil spill incident happens in my place, I’ve heard known salon collecting human hairs and donate it to the restoration group as hair helps remove oil. They have even invited individuals to have their hairs cut for a fee just to collect the right amount of hair. I thought the use of human hair ended right there but I was wrong. Designer Kerry Howley has just created an award winning necklace design using human hairs. Since it will surely be made from cut hair, no one will be hurt from this wonderful creation. There will be no mining done like what gold has done to nature and no carbon emission produce to complete this creation. It looks so natural as well and elegant for daily use and even on special occasions. This design will surely reduce waste as well, since cut hairs are simply tossed and destined to landfills.

Hair Necklace
Hair Necklace
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