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Reusail Project Will Reuse Boat Sails And Make Sustainable Furniture Piece From It

Boat sails will end to landfills no more because Dvelas from Pamplona, Spain has the Reusail Project that will reuse old boat sails to create sustainable furniture pieces.

Reusail Project
Reusail Project
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Reuse Your Old Skate Decks And Make A Sustainable Skate Bench

Skateboarding is a fun sports and for player’s safety, a regular change of skate decks is needed which will eventually result into a massive growth of landfills if discarded but not if reused and turned into a sustainable skate bench.

Sustainable Skate Bench
Sustainable Skate Bench
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Building With Books: A Good Way To Reuse Your Old Books

Just like newspapers, books are considered trash after reading especially if it is a textbook or activity book. Except of course to those books you want to read repeatedly. Building with books is just a great way to make use of those piles of old books we have at home instead of just simple tossing them out. Building with books can possibly create a comfortable chair, a catchy shelf and a lot more. All we just need is to be creative as we can be. In this way, we can help reduce waste, give our old books a new life, and help save the environment.

Building With Books

Source: Building With Books via Bookshelf

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