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La Casa de Botellas: An Eco House Made From Recycled PET Bottle

Drinking bottled water and other refreshing drinks is a wide practice worldwide, thus resulting into mountains and mountains of landfill filled with empty and used PET bottles. To help reduce or minimize the growth of landfills of PET bottles, the Santa Cruz family from Pureto Iguazu, Argentina have designed an eco-friendly castle called as the La Casa de Botellas. The whole castle is made of recycled PET bottles.

Below is the list of number of bottles used in each part of the house.
• 1200 PET plastic bottles in its walls
• 1300 milk and wine Tetra Pack containers in its roof
• 140 compact disk boxes in its doors and windows
• 120 PET plastic bottles in the couches
• 200 PET plastic bottles in the bed

PET Bottle House

PET Bottle House

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