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The Rolling Chair Is A Redesign Of The Eames Chair In A Sustainable Manner

Not all redesigns will hurt the environment just like the Rolling Chair, which is a redesign of the Eames Chair in the 50s that is once made of fiberglass and resin. The redesign is made with sustainability in mind. The Rolling chair is made of bamboo and ecological resin.

The Rolling Chair

The Rolling Chair

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Colorless Cola Packaging For The Environment

Saving the environment is everybody’s aim today. With the vast growth of landfills and pollutions that human eco footprints have produced, our environment has become largely destroyed. To regain the beauty of the earth, various designers are now aiming to design earth friendly materials that every human can use. Ryan Harc Studio is just one of the many eco-designers that we have today. He designed the colorless cola packaging. Instead of spray-painting those aluminum cola cans, his design has the logo embossed, thus reduces the energy to separate the toxic paint color from the aluminum. In addition, the packaging is also recyclable.

Colorless Cola Packaging

Colorless Cola Packaging

Source : Ryan Harc Studio

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