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Straddling Bus: The Eco-friendly Public Transport Of The Future

Traffic jam is a common problem to big cities around the globe. To minimized traffic, various alternatives are being considered and the Straddling Bus cab probably is one of the best. The Straddling Bus is a public transport powered by electricity and sun. This wonderful bus transport is a two story bus and carries its passengers on the upper part of the bus. To lower part on the other hand is a hallow space the allows other vehicles to pass through, thus the Straddling bus will travel and stop without blocking the way of the other vehicles. The straddling bus is a lot cheaper to build as compared to subways. It also minimized air pollution as it is an electric powered one. presented at the 13th Beijing International High-Tech Expo in May 2010, the Straddling Bus will be put into pilot use at the Mentougou District of Beijing. What more? the bus has the ability to carry 1200-1400 passengers at a time and is known to reduce traffic jam by 20-30%.

Straddling Bus

Straddling Bus

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