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Have a Nice and Eco-friendly Lantern with the IKEA Solar Lighting

Solar powered lights are now starting to grow, as more and more people are getting aware of caring and saving the environment. IKEA Solar Lighting is a new and playfully solar powered lantern that will definitely give you a bright and beautiful glow at night. You can have it hanged up or erected using its sturdy stand. What’s nice about these solar lightings is that, it hides the solar panel making it discreet, though its not sure if hiding these solar panels will affect the charging and performance of the light. Apart from that, the solar lighting is generally awesome. This is perfect for your garden giving them an attractive glow at night.

IKEA Solar Lighting

IKEA Solar Lighting

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Beautiful Night Lights Made of Recycled Glass

These night lights actually come from recycled glass, can you believe that ? A beautiful art work can also comes from wasted bottled glass. You too, can also create this, just be creative, look around.

nightlights from recycled glass

nightlights from recycled glass

[ProductPage] via [GreatGreenGoods]

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