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PURE Sustainable Furniture Design by Ami Mckay

Fashionistas can now sit with a cause of being sustainable without compromising their image of being fashionable. PURE offers a variety of seats like sofas that use sustainable materials but still very elegant and contemporary in design. Named after the elemental muses – Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind, PURE sustainable furniture designs are truly attractive in design, and its beauty lies beneath the exterior appearance of its products.

Its sustainable materials, features natural latex rubber core, non-toxic adhesives and finishes and FSC-certified hardwood frames. In addition to that, PURE also accepts personalized designed. If you want your seats to have some handcrafted embroidery that will surely add the beauty of your fashionable PURE sustainable seats.

PURE Sustainable Furniture Design by Ami Mckay

PURE Sustainable Furniture Design by Ami Mckay

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