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Beautiful and Elegant Sutton Recycled Copper Mirror Is Made of Recycled Iron

The combination of recycled iron and quality craftsmanship produces beautiful Sutton Recycled Copper Mirror. It’s an elegant and beautiful mirror that features hand-woven strips of copper, a nice way to demonstrate that recycled products don’t have to be ugly. We really love that swirling color and natural patina blends perfectly on a solid recycled iron frame.

The material, one-of-a-kind copper that contains 95% recycled materials and comes from a mill founded in 1801 by Paul Revere, so yeah, this mirror is available in limited numbers. Using only clean burning natural gas, the manufacturer uses only iron from local scrap steel. It means that the iron could come from used automobiles and byproducts of manufacturing. Available in 2 sizes: small and large, this mirror certainly highlights the room wherever you install it. [CLICK HERE to get more details about Sutton Recycled Copper Mirror]

Sutton Recycled Copper Mirror

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