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GreenCase Is Your Protective Laptop Case And Portable Workstation

People who are aware of the environment and take action to help save it are growing in numbers and the GreenCase is just another proof that many of the designers are now taking actions in caring the environment through their eco-friendly designs or creations.

Designed by Mika Becktor, the GreenCase has numerous eco-friendly features. It is a 100% recyclable laptop case and workstation and made of cardboard. As a workstation, the GreenCase allows you to carry along a portable workstation wherever you may go. It also has the angled keypad making is easy and comfortable for your wrists. The case also provides proper ventilation to your laptop, therefore, overheating will never be a problem.

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Be A Green Techie With The Cardboard Laptop Case

Today, generic laptop cases, bags, and sleeves are popping out in the market almost every now and then. However, none of them are eco-friendly enough for daily use but not the Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case by Giles Miller. Will be presented at London’s Design exhibit this fall, the corrugated cardboard laptop case is 100% recycled with the unique fluting that allows the users to personalize the case with custom designs. This one of a kind eco-laptop case is sturdy enough for daily use and is completely stylish and fashionably trendy for the students to use. With the corrugated cardboard laptop case, teens and adult alike can help save the environment by simply patronizing it.

Cardboard Laptop Case

Cardboard Laptop Case

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