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Greening Star: A Structure That Answer Numerous Environmental Problems

With the growing concern for the environment, more and more designers are creating architectural designs to help make saving the environment easier. Hailed as the Greening Star, this architectural design by Juan Manuel Bustos the Greening Star has the ability to aid problems in energy, pollution, and water sources. The designer uses solar panels that helps collect solar energy for the structure’s power requirements. It also has the trash pipes that recycles wastes and thus reduce the growth of landfills and eventually prevent pollution. And lastly, Greening Star has the rainwater collection system that helps prevent the use of potable water for other uses like water closet flushing and cleaning, garden watering, and more.

Greening Star

Greening Star

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Clear Computing Concept Reduce E-Waste

The problem in urban lifestyle is everything getting replaced instead of upgraded. Take a look at your computer, I bet its lifes pan is not more than three years. There are many technological advancements taking place in making the products more environmentally friendly in manufacture, use and disposal. However, there has been little progress in improving how these products are consumed. With the growing sales of computers, there is a growing concern of how the large amount of e-waste will be handled at the end of their life.

Clear computer concept is trying to give other alternative by improving the sustainability and extending the overall life span of mobile computers. Clear computer concept is designed to have the smart upgrading feature to decrease in overall consumption and the amount of e-waste.

clear computing concept

clear sustainable computing concept

clear green computing concept

clear environmentally friendly computing concept

Designer : Wataru Watanabe

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