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Enjoy An Elegant Vase While Keeping The Environment Safe With The Artecnica Transglass Vase 2

Empty glasses are normally discarded and added to the pile of landfills that we already have, unless you are like those people behind the elegant Artecnica Transglass Vase 2. This wonderful vase is ideal to be called as an eco-friendly home décor because of it was made from recycled materials.

Looking at the images, this vase is made of recycled empty bottles. Designers Emma Woffenden and Tord Boontje surely are artistic enough in making an old empty bottle as radiant as it looks in photos. This will be a perfect addition to any home’s interior design. Holding your favorite plant, the transglass vase 2 will not only help you reduce waste and eventually minimize the growth of landfills but also will help you maintain a refreshing and earthy ambiance in your home with the fresh air the plants this vase will be holding. [Click here for more details about Artecnica Transglass Vase 2]

Artecnica Transglass Vase 2
Artecnica Transglass Vase 2
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Sustainable Vase By Lace Will Recycle Your Plastic Bottle And Glass Containers

Recycling our plastic bottles can now be made in style with the sustainable vase by Lace designed for Feel Good Home. The sustainable yet elegant vase has a vase neck shape that is made of rubber making it able to fit snuggly to any bottles and containers. If you like to mimic this vase at home, all you have to do is to vut the neck of the plastic or glass bottles and place the rubberneck on top.

Lace Sustainable Vase
Lace Sustainable Vase

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